Android App Development

Creating successful android mobile apps is an ambitious task. All the mobile appAndroid application development development company aims to build a working app, but at MCM Infotech, we give you an extra edge by developing the best in class android mobile applications to promote your business.
We at MCM Infotech create applications which empower our clients to execute various marketing and revenue generating strategies via their android applications.
We offer our clients with services like customized android app development, which gives unmatched business value regarding ROI (Return of Investment) and helps in building a loyal customer base, and giving your business an advantage over your competitors.
We at MCM Infotech know what it takes to create a highly responsive android app which is not only outstanding in performance but also can transform your vision into a profit. Our team of experts have years of experience in android app development under their belt and have already created innumerable number of highly successful android applications. We make sure that all our clients get the best of our services and we deliver an app which will enhance their presence and business potential leaving their business rivals behind.
Our team of highly skilled android developers specializes in creating android applications from scratch which are glitch free, highly responsive, and are breathtakingly designed.

Security Of Our Applications

We at MCM Infotech offer our clients with highly secure android applications with foolproof MAM (Mobile Application Management) solutions with FIPS 140-2 validated encryption, geo-tracking, user authentication and other severe data loss prevention features.


Our android app development team have developed a robust set of tests for testing the parameters that all android apps are subject to, thus ensuring seamless and glitch-free performance. We use prototypes to give our clients a chance to visualize their dreams and test the application on these prototypes before launching them, thus providing a 100% success rate and customer satisfaction.

Development And Discovery

As soon as you decide to opt for our services for android app development our team will work with you to understand your business objectives and vision. After which they will merge your vision with their immense knowledge of android applications and develop an initial concept for the application. The process of android app development is done in pieces according to the features required, which gives our client the power to review our app development process and demand any desired changes. After which our team will create an app architecture which can integrate all the features together in a framework.

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Quality And Designing for Android Application Development

Our team of designers creates stunning original innovative designs which are captivating for your application without compromising the performance and integrity of the architecture. Our quality assurance team will then test every single bit of the application after all the functionalities and features have been integrated into the application as a beta version. Once they are satisfied, then only we allow the application to be launched in the Google play store.

Maintenance And Support

Our support team provides our clients with 24x7x365 support from the very first day of their involvement with us and guide them through the process of the app development and also after the launch of the application, thus relieving our clients from any stress related to their application and enabling them to focus completely on their business goals.